Tune in to ABAT

by Jill Tuggle, ABAT Executive Director

As we round the corner of another great year, ABAT is already looking to the future.

Innovation and evolution are key factors to the success of any organization, and we see it show up in every corner of the collision repair industry. That’s why we at ABAT put much of our efforts into staying relevant and reaching as many shops as possible. We are so excited to announce the launch of some new ways we plan to stay connected to our members and followers. While much of our plans are still in the workshopping phase, you can expect to see us offering more connection and education by way of frequent webinars, short videos and social media live chats. 

I field several phone calls and questions each month from shops and consumers all across Texas who seek answers from the association. Many of the same questions are sent to me from different shops – signaling that you all are facing the same issues. Conversely, some issues are unique to different regions. We are going to take many of these questions and answer them publicly (while maintaining anonymity) and generate some meaningful conversations. 

We will also be bringing some of the most popular seminars from the Texas Auto Body Trade Show and presenting them via webinar in the next few months. Our classes have sold out the last couple years, and folks are hungry for more information. You asked; we listened.

You do not want to miss our upcoming segments, so be sure you are following us both via email and social media. 

You can join our mailing list at abat.us/join-mailing-list/ and follow our socials: @abat.us and @txabts.

So TUNE in, TURN it up, and send us your questions!!

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