Hammer and Dolly

April 2019


In the April issue of Hammer & Dolly we delve into the growing controversy over "Opt-OE" parts, a Virginia-based shop talks about their 25 years in business, AMI and CREF [...]

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March 2019


In the March issue of Hammer & Dolly we count down the days to NORTHEAST and take a look inside WMABA's Collision P.R.E.P. education series, a West Virginia repair pro [...]

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February 2019


In the February issue of Hammer & Dolly, our cover story gives an insider's perspective on a repair job gone wrong, WMABA launches survey for collision repairers to rate insurance [...]

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http://issuu.com/nja0614/docs/hd0119?e=12515659/66489785 The January issue of Hammer & Dolly includes a recap on WMABA's 50th Anniversary celebration - a look back and a step forward, Executive Director Jordan Hendler shares her [...]

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December 2018


http://issuu.com/nja0614/docs/hd1218?e=12515659/65771830 The December issue of Hammer & Dolly features a recap on the innovations and inspirations from the 2018 SEMA Show which includes highlights of SCRS' Repairer Driven Education series [...]

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November 2018


http://issuu.com/nja0614/docs/hd1118?e=12515659/65223043 The November issue of Hammer & Dolly includes reflections on 50 years of WMABA, a SEMA preview including five can't-miss Repairer Driven Education (RDE) picks, stunning results from the [...]

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October 2018


http://issuu.com/nja0614/docs/hd1018?e=12515659/64580120 In the October issue of Hammer & Dolly we tackle the counterfeit parts crisis, prepare for SEMA with the ultimate pre-show preview guide, announce upcoming WMABA events, and much [...]

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September 2018


http://issuu.com/nja0614/docs/hd0918?e=12515659/63818800 The September issue of Hammer & Dolly includes a cover story on how to successfully walk away from your body shop business without selling out, more IDEAS driving this [...]

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August 2018


http://issuu.com/nja0614/docs/hd0818?e=12515659/63120937 The August issue of Hammer & Dolly features a preview on the exciting new content planned for the 2018 SEMA show in Las Vegas, Maryland SkillsUSA's celebration of new [...]

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