April 2019


In the April issue of AASP-MN News, don't miss details and registration information for the upcoming 25th Annual AASP-MN Golf Outing; the Alliance announces its 2019-2020 Board of Directors; an [...]

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March 2019


The March issue of AASP-MN News features all the information for AASP-MN's upcoming Annual Meeting & Leadership Conference, recognition of the 2018 Winners' Circle recipients, enrollment for the 2019 Get [...]

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February 2019


The February issue of AASP-MN News includes "Rev Up Your Game" AASP-MN Annual Meeting & Leadership Conference Registration, highlights from the 17th Annual Race for Automotive Education, Member Recruiter of [...]

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January 2019


´╗┐ The January issue of AASP-MN News highlights the Alliance's new look and feel as it kicks off a brand new year, features a sneak peak into this year's Leadership [...]

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December 2018


http://issuu.com/nja0614/docs/aasp1218?e=12515659/66165528 The December issue of AASP-MN News features highlights from AASP-MN's participation at the AASP national board meeting, registration for the 17th Annual Race for Automotive Education, a legislative update [...]

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November 2018


http://issuu.com/nja0614/docs/aasp1118?e=12515659/65473324 The November issue of AASP-MN News includes registration for the 17th Annual Race for Automotive Education, Mech Xchange highlights, legislative update on insurance claims practices and much more! AASP [...]

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October 2018


http://issuu.com/nja0614/docs/aasp1018?e=12515659/64858431 The October issue of AASP-MN News includes a feature on understanding your workers' compensation mod factor, highlights from AASP-MN's Body Shop Session and the I-CAR SkillsUSA golf outing and [...]

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September 2018


http://issuu.com/nja0614/docs/aasp0918?e=12515659/64195766 The September issue of AASP-MN News includes details on the upcoming Peer-to-Peer Networking Sessions, highlights from the AASP-MN BBQ & Night Out at the track at Canterbury Park and [...]

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August 2018


http://issuu.com/nja0614/docs/aasp0818?e=12515659/63535492 The August issue of AASP-MN News features a recap of AASP-MN's successful fundraising efforts, which raised thousands for industry career promotion; highlights from the Association's joint advisory committee meeting [...]

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