2023 Texas Auto Body Trade Show Seminar & Events Schedule

The 2023 Texas Auto Body Trade Show will be taking place at the Irving Convention Center on August 25-26. Check out the schedule below so you don’t miss a minute!


7AM: Badge Registration Opens (Entrance Lobby)

8:30am-9:30am  |  Classroom 3 (O, M, E)
Attracting Talent with Process Improvement Tom Heorner (Sherwin Williams)
Good processes can improve tech pay, reduce chaos, improve quality of life, and at the same time, optimize labor and increase profit. We will connect cycle time, touch time and tech productivity to production output and examine the importance these KPIs have on the collision repair business. We will also discuss three simple steps to improve cycle time performance by eliminating the most common production delays.

8:30am-9:30am  |  Classroom 4 (O, M, E)
Customer Copay Coaching Logan Payne (Payne and Sons)
Implementing a copay system can be tough to navigate. Come join the discussion as Logan Payne walks you through both the pains and pleasures of the copay approach.

10am-11:15am  |  Classroom 3 (O, M, E, T)
Coloring Perspective on Blend Time: The Facts Behind the SCRS Blend Study Aaron Schulenburg (SCRS)
The conclusions of the SCRS Blend study indicated that blending, on average, took 31.59 percent more time than a full refinish, rather than the 50 percent less time allocated in the three IP estimating systems. To mark the one year anniversay of the SCRS blend study we will revisit the study in detail from “the man” himself, Aaron Schulenburg.

10am-11:15am  |  Classroom 4 (M, E, T)
ADAS 101: Back to the Basics Tommy Ames (Auto E Solutions)
In this 101 class, Tommy will discuss the basics of scanning and calibrations. Your staff will be ready to implement an efficient ADAS plan and take your shop to the next level.


11:30am-1:30pm  |  Junior Ballroom (O, M, E, T)
Lunch & Learn with Mike & Danny Mike Anderson (Collision Advice) & Danny Gredinberg (Database Enhancement Gateway)
This is a special luncheon featuring the dynamic duo  as they “tag” in to talk about important repair information.

4pm-6pm  |  Junior Ballroom (O, M, E, T)
The Industry Over a Pint: An Auto Body Happy Hour Seminar Aaron Schulenburg, Mike Anderson & Friends
This special session begins with a casual discussion “over a pint” and will transform into a group happy hour where you will have the exclusive opportunity to join casual chats with the industry powerhouses.



9am-10am  |  Classroom 3 (O, M)
The Practicality of EV Repair Implementation Gabe Morley (DEKRA)
Is EV repair right for your shop? In this class you will explore the realities and implications of “turning on the electric” at your shop with and without OEM certification.

9am-10am  |  Classroom 4 (M, E, T)
Repair Planning Logan Payne & Danny Gredinberg
Join ABAT Board member Logan Payne and the DEG’s Danny Gredinberg as they explore how to improve cycle time and quality of work through proper repair-planning methods.

10am-11:30am  |  Classroom 1 (O, M)
Technician of The Future: ADAS edition Bobby Beason (VSSTA)
This class will explore the evolving job description of today’s technician as we bridge the gap to tomorrow.  This includes a discussion on the value of adding another technician through the proper use of repair procedures, scanning and ADAS calibrations.


10:30am-11:30am  |  Classroom 3 (O, M, E, T)
“Procedures? I’ve done it a million times.” Erin Solis
A closer look through the auditor’s lens on repair procedures may reveal things you’re missing on everyday repairs. Hear from Erin Solis of Certified Collision Group as she uncovers some of the most often missed but very important OEM repair procedures.

3pm-4pm  |  Junior Ballroom (O, M, E, T)
Legislation in the Collision Space
Robert McDorman (Auto Claim Specialists), Burl Richards (ABAT President/Burl’s Collision) Bob Redding (The Redding Firm), Jacob Smith (Longleaf Consulting/ABAT Lobbyist) – Moderated by Aaron Schulenburg
This will be a comprehensive look at the legislative efforts happening here in Texas as well as nationally. As the legislative session here in Texas unfolds we will report on what was submitted, what passed, what the future holds and so much more! Be prepared to feel empowered by the knowledge you’ll gain about our industry from red dirt to white house!

4pm-5:30pm  |  Junior Ballroom (O, M, E, T)
Be Extraordinary! Mike Anderson, Collision Advice
In today’s collision repair industry, it is no longer enough to just be average. You have to be extraordinary! You have to be extraordinary and deliver not just great customer service, but an extraordinary customer experience. You must be extraordinary and build a culture where people want to be a part of your organization, to put in the effort and to deliver extraordinary quality. You have to be extraordinary in your researching of OE repair procedures. You have to be extraordinary by staying abreast of the new developments in the collision repair industry. Remember, being average is just as close to the bottom as it is to the top. So be extraordinary!


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