Reap the Rewards of Using OEM Parts Through Nissan’s Rebate Program

by Chasidy Rae Sisk

Fit, quality, performance, safety, cycle time, fewer returns, enhanced customer satisfaction…There are many reasons for collision repair facilities to use OEM parts. The opportunity to save money has been added to that list, thanks to Nissan’s parts rebate program, which seeks to reward repairers for using more OEM parts!

When a shop uses more OEM parts, they’re eligible for a larger rebate – up to 22 percent! – as the rebate multiplies based on the percentage of Nissan or Infiniti OEM parts ordered through OPSTrax, a parts procurement platform. All parts are eligible for the rebate, as long as they are ordered as part of a complete repair estimate.

Orders that include 65 to 75 percent OEM parts receive a five percent rebate on those parts, with the rebate doubling to 10 percent for those parts on orders consisting of 75 to 85 percent OEM parts…and then doubling again to a 20 percent rebate if the order is comprised of more than 85 percent OEM parts. 

Although Nissan/Infiniti certification is not necessary to be eligible to participate in the rebate program, certified shops do receive an additional one percent rebate, as long as their total share of OEM parts reaches at least 50 percent. An extra one percent rebate is available by subscribing to RepairLogic and using it to create two or more Nissan/Infiniti repair plans each month. 

For example, on a $3,000 estimate utilizing 80 percent OEM parts, a non-certified shop would be eligible for a rebate of $30. By increasing OEM parts usage to 100 percent, that shop’s rebate climbs to approximately $135; a certified shop using RepairLogic would be around $165. The entire estimate must be submitted through OPSTrax using TraxMatch to qualify.

The main goal behind the program is to ensure Nissan/Infiniti customers receive the safest possible repairs, utilizing OEM parts by well-trained technicians, but it also offers value to repair facilities. “Nissan knows it gives the shop operator an opportunity to take another step toward ensuring they install the parts they feel more confident in,” according to Daniel Dent (Nissan). “We want to partner with businesses and individuals who care about the customer experience and provide the absolute safest repair possible. Nissan understands that our customers’ safety comes first, and we know the safest repair is one with 100 percent OEM parts with trained technicians and the right tools.”

Rebates are paid via ACH to the shop’s chosen business account, and there is no cost to access OPSTrax, although shops will be charged five percent of the total rebate as a monthly administrative fee. Enroll now through April 30, 2024 to be eligible for a $100 sign-up bonus. 

Sign up now at to start reaping the rewards of OEM parts usage!

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