New Jersey Automotive 2023 Survey Is Ready to Hear from You!

Attention Garden State automotive service providers: it’s time to speak out!

New Jersey Automotive is listening and wants to hear from you – our readers – who are invited once again to take part in our annual New Jersey Automotive industry survey which goes live from October 1 to November 1!

The survey is open to all collision and mechanical repair professionals based in New Jersey. Each year, the survey sets out to pick your brain on the old, the new and yet-to-come challenges that affect your day to day. Collecting this information not only gives you an opportunity to have your voice heard but to learn about what other shops around the state are dealing with when we publish the results in the December 2023 issue. (And remember, your comments remain safely anonymous as New Jersey Automotive will not print respondents’ names.) 

Many interesting factors are revealed each December when we publish results. Last year’s survey revealed that shops are choosing to increase the amount of DRP programs they participate in compared to in the past. In 2021, zero percent of those polled said they had more than 10 DRPs, while in 2022 that number jumped to 13 percent. This change could very possibly be attributed to the impact steering has had on repair shops in recent times. The survey, of course, shows that not every shop owner has the same opinion. Many also commented that they felt strongly DRPs are the problem, not the solution. 

Although hiring staff continues to be a struggle for shops, last year’s survey results showed us that recruitment was up in 2022 which could be a result of the pandemic becoming farther in the rearview mirror. In 2021, 43 percent of those who responded said they did not hire any new employees, while 32 percent of those polled in 2022 reported that they hired five or more within that year.

One of the biggest things coming down the pike is the strong roll out of electric vehicles (EVs). Last year, 56 percent of shops said they felt they were ready to repair EVs. As more EVs hit the roadways and more training and education on the subject is rolled out, surely it will be interesting to see if that number increases even more this year!

It takes a strong voice to make change. Taking the survey is one step toward helping the industry be better. Your opinion matters…Now, make it count by taking 15 minutes to complete the 2023 Industry Survey. Visit to take the survey or watch your inbox for more details.

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