BASF Automotive Refinish

by Alana Quartuccio

There are multiple reasons BASF Automotive Refinish is one of the oldest and most trusted brands in the industry. Their stellar reputation goes beyond their premium products, reliable business development techniques, training and customer service. Body shops know they can count on BASF to not only deliver an excellent experience, but to be a partner in their success.

“BASF puts premium products out into the market along with good services and the right people for shop success, such as full-time business development and strategic account managers to address our customers’ needs,” cites New England Regional Business Manager Matthew Dennison, who outlined some of the key elements that make the brand stand out. “BASF is known for their premium line Glasurit, but we have something for everyone, including our value line baslac.”

Supplying their customers with the products and tools necessary to help them save time and money is key in their business model. 

“We’ve been growing by leaps and bounds over the past few years. We’ve achieved a lot of success with our 100 Line, a wet-on-wet application which saves shops time and money in the booth. Shops are able to get additional cars through the booth per day with up to 40 percent shorter process times while using up to 30 percent  less material consumption. We also just launched RMC1000, a one-application clear coat with up to 30 percent reduction in material consumption, which really increases cycle time and performance. There’s a lot of exciting things happening with BASF right now across the whole country and especially here in New England. 

Dennison says the growth and excitement surrounding the brand were obvious reasons that led him to come on board with the brand. He has 32 years of experience working within the New England automotive scene, starting out at the young age of 19 as a driver for a different refinish company. He always embodied a passion for wanting to see the businesses he’s worked for succeed, and with that, he’s also taken an active role in supporting the industry by way of participating with the Alliance. 

“I’ve always wanted to immerse myself in the business, wanting our company to be successful,” he shares. “I want to understand what shops’ needs are and learn about the issues and hot button topics. Back in the day, as a sales representative, I would attend MABA meetings, and I’d also assist with bringing in guest speakers.”

Dennison is doing exactly that with BASF, bringing the company on board with AASP/MA’s Vendor Affinity Program as a Platinum sponsor. 

“We want to help our customers and potential customers be successful in today’s environment. Our customers are our partners. If we are able to help them learn something and become better at what they do, we all win. That’s very important to me and to BASF.” 

Producing valuable business tools such as Refinity, BASF’s seamless digital solution, simplifies the customer experience while helping them grow their business.  Refinity covers color, business, training and partners with Learning University to offer hundreds of classes one can take toward I-CAR points and certifications. 

Dennison credits BASF’s distribution network as being “the best distribution network in the northeast, let alone New England, with great technicians and sales people to help shops grow their businesses. In addition to our products, it’s our distributors that really make us stand apart from the rest.” 

The BASF name may span the globe, but that doesn’t keep them from having close personal relationships in local markets via regional sales managers who can come in and work closely with the shops in that area.

“Our brand has a long history of over 150 years. We have over 100,000 employees worldwide, but at the regional level, they allow us to really focus on our customers and what is important to our distributors and the body shops,” Dennison states. “Our regional business managers literally go into the shops to evaluate their numbers and what their needs are and work out a program to help them improve.”

He stresses the importance of working with the Alliance and looks forward to BASF being a part of their events. 

“The people of AASP/MA want to grow and learn, and we want to be a part of fostering that environment. We want to be a partner in helping those who want to be better in their business.” 

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