We Can Get it Done!

by Lucky Papageorg, AASP/MA Executive Director

It is that time of the year again, when the really heavy lifting needs to be accomplished regarding our legislative initiatives.

At the time of this writing, both our bills have received “OUGHT TO PASS” recommendations and are now being considered in the Ways and Means Committees of both the House and the Senate. H4412 “An Act to establish minimum reimbursement rate to insurance claimants” is in the House, and S2568 “An Act relative to the licensure of appraisers” is in the Senate. In our democratic society, the relationship between constituents (you and your customers) and elected representatives is fundamental to the functioning of our government. Nowhere is this relationship more crucial than at the local level, where state legislators directly impact the lives of their constituents through policymaking and advocacy. In the state of Massachusetts, fostering strong relationships with local legislators is not only essential for effective governance but also for advocating for the interests of various industries, especially the collision repair industry. The importance of developing relationships with local Massachusetts state legislators cannot be stressed enough.

State legislators play a pivotal role in shaping public policy and legislation that directly impacts the lives of Massachusetts residents. From education and healthcare to transportation and environmental regulations, state lawmakers have the authority to introduce, amend and vote on legislation that affects the daily lives of constituents. By establishing meaningful relationships with local legislators, we can effectively communicate our concerns, advocate for policy changes and seek support for legislative initiatives that benefit the communities in the legislator’s district. For industries such as collision repair, engaging with local legislators is essential for advocating for industry-specific interests and addressing regulatory challenges. By building relationships with state lawmakers, collision repairers can ensure that their concerns are heard and understood within the legislative process. Whether it’s advocating for fair labor practices, addressing environmental regulations or supporting initiatives to promote workforce development, a strong relationship with local legislators can facilitate meaningful dialogue and collaboration on issues of mutual concern and bring meaningful change to fruition.

Building relationships with local Massachusetts state legislators is not just about political influence; it’s about fostering trust, collaboration and mutual understanding. By establishing open lines of communication and engaging in constructive dialogue with legislators, our industry can continue to build rapport, gain insight into legislative priorities and effectively advocate for policies that address our needs and the needs of their legislative communities and industries. Whether through meetings, town halls or grassroots organizing efforts, developing relationships with local legislators is essential for effective advocacy and positive policy outcomes. 

It’s imperative that all collision repairers and their employees, as well as their families, actively participate in the political process and heed the call to action. By staying informed and engaging with legislators, constituents can make a meaningful impact on legislative outcomes and shape the future of their communities. Whether through financial contributions, grassroots advocacy or voter engagement efforts, every individual has a role to play in advancing the interests of OUR industry and promoting positive changes. 

The importance of developing relationships with local Massachusetts state legislators cannot be overstated. By engaging with legislators and advocating for industry interests, constituents in the automotive service sector can make their voices heard, shape public policy and influence legislative outcomes. As active participants in the democratic process, constituents (shop owners, employees/family members and customers) have the power to build relationships, drive change and strengthen communities through effective advocacy and collaboration with their elected representatives. 

We are closer than we have ever been. We have huge support in both the House and Senate, but there are still hurdles to overcome. TOGETHER, WE CAN GET IT DONE!

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