Vendor Affinity Program Spotlight: Applied Automotive Technology Inc.

by Alana Quartuccio

In today’s fast-paced, technology-driven automotive world, shop owners need a whole lot more than the equipment to properly perform ADAS-related diagnostics and calibrations. They need an experienced adviser who can give them the support and guidance needed to safely and effectively use these tools to perform the necessary tasks. 

Being a teacher and mentor to his clients is exactly what Applied Automotive Technology’s Gary Machiros sets out to do. The company’s offerings go well beyond simply selling ADAS calibration systems. Clients receive training, guidance and support for the life of the equipment. Machiros’ 30 years plus experience in training and repairs set him up naturally for the services he provides. Over the years, he has mastered the craft of automotive technologies, assisting shops with their technical needs, and he’s also spent decades sharing his experience as an instructor. 

His automotive career began at the young age of 10, working for his father’s gas station in Peabody and later when the family moved to Newbury where they owned the only gas station on Plum Island. By age 20, he was running the family business, Angie’s Service, inc. and still does today. The operation has since moved off the island to Newbury and has quadrupled in business; they began performing ADAS calibrations for collision centers in 2020. Currently, the shop does between 20-40 calibrations per day. 

“Back in 1998, General Motors was opening a lot of dealerships all around the world, and they needed a lot of overseas training as a result,” Machiros reflects on the early days when the introduction of technology in vehicles required a whole new set of knowledge. “The company that hired me to do the training required that I have a corporation, so that was when Applied Automotive Technologies was initially born. I went to the MIddle East and taught in Dubai for a while. I also traveled all over the northeast and other parts of the country giving automotive lectures on different systems.” 

For decades, Machiros has been the go-to guy shops call on when they encounter an issue with an electrical system. Now that ADAS has become more of a prominent fixture, the need for this type of assistance has substantially increased.  

“If a shop in my area had a problem with an electrical system, they’d call me, and I’d take the cars in, fix them and bring them back. I still do that today with ADAS calibrations. We work with body shops every day, all day. We really work to help them understand the business side. On the automotive side, we sell equipment all over the country, and people also fly in from different parts of the country to train. We spend a lot of time with them, teaching and training.” 

Machiros has been teaching ADAS courses to businesses who purchased AUTEL ADAS equipment, one of the leading scan tools on the market, from AATI since 2022. “I started selling Autel exclusively to automotive and auto body shops. What happened was one thing led to another. My unique position and skill set of working with shops repairing and helping them with technical issues made it a natural fit for me to start selling ADAS equipment. Once they buy the equipment from us, we provide full training and technical support. 

“When someone buys a calibration system, they will work with our ADAS calibration team members, training on live cars and learning right from the ground floor so they will know how to do it right in their own shop,” he continues. “This is unique, as our clients get to see and feel everything. We also provide lifetime support. If they ever have a problem, they can call us.” 

They also teach their clients the business side of ADAS, so they can be profitable.

“We take the body shop from knowing nothing about the business and technical side of ADAS to hitting the ground running with everything they will need to do.” 

Machiros understands the value in using OEM scan tools and has made it his life’s work to teach shop owners how to use these tools. He’s also expanded to include European scan tool diagnostics in his offerings, selling and training technicians in these operations. Machiros was asked to sell and support Autologic in New England. When Autel US was founded in 2004, he was again asked to sell and support this new revolutionary company. Since 2021, he has been selling and supporting Autel ADAS systems for the automotive aftermarket industry. 

Several members of AASP/MA are Applied Automotive Technologies clients, which is what led Machiros to come on board as a Bronze sponsor of the Alliance’s Vendor Affinity program. 

“It’s about relationships,” he says of his decision to be part of AASP/MA. Relationships are also the foundation of his business’ unique offering. 

“When you buy equipment from any one else, you won’t get the training and support that you do if you purchase from us. We are a training group that sells equipment. You can buy something online, but you will not get any support or business training. What we bring to the table is a great asset to any body shop that wants to get into ADAS calibrations as we will be with them through their entire ADAS journey, from the day they buy the equipment until forever. We are very special in that regard when it comes to building relationships with body shops, and we do this with shops all over the country.

“We teach them how to use the equipment and also understand how to properly invoice to be reimbursed by the insurance company, and we are also there to be a problem solver. If something happens, we are there for them.” 

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