DEG Estimating Tips

Solera Qapter (Audatex): Administrative Labor – Recent DEG Inquiry 31575 provides feedback from a Solera Qapter request for review (RFR). 

“Any time spent utilizing Qapter to complete an estimate is not included in Qapter provided labor allowances.”

Mitchell: Fleet Vehicle VIN Decoding – Mitchell cloud estimating users may experience VIN decoding issues on “fleet” vehicle models. 

Mitchell provides feedback on DEG Inquiry 35744, “Fleet vehicles do not decode in MCE. The tip would be to manually select the vehicle.”

CCC: Drivetrain Table Fixtures & Jigs NOT INCLUDED 

DEG Inquiry 35937 establishes that labor to set up fixtures or jigs for an EV drive train table is NOT INCLUDED.

“After review, assembling jigs or fixtures is not included in any MOTOR estimated work time.”

All Three Systems: 2014-2023 Jeep Cherokee Front Door Modifications – When replacing front door(s) on a 2014-2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee, repairers should check the inner door shell jamb to determine if mounting holes need to be drilled to reattach the front seal. 

DEG Inquiry 35998 provides feedback from MOTOR:  “Estimated work times for drilling holes for the Front Seal if the holes do not come on the Door, would be left to an on-the-spot evaluation.”

CCC: Rivian Estimating Database – An estimating database for Rivian R1T & R1S is currently available in CCC Estimating. Always consult OEM repair information and available documents for the most current part numbers, prices and procedures. 

All DEG inquiries on Rivian vehicles can be viewed at New inquiries can be initiated online at now includes Rivian position statements.

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