DEG Estimating Tips

The “WHY” Behind Final Cleanup Prior to Vehicle Delivery  

MOTOR Guide To Estimating Special Precautions >> Hazardous Materials provides the following statement: “Caution must be exercised when dealing with isocyanates, flammables, fumes, liquids and airborne particles.” 

After completing repairs, it may be necessary to perform a final cleaning of the vehicle to remove hazardous substances used in the repair process. Estimated work time does not include “Clean up or detailing of vehicle prior to delivery.” This would be estimated after an on-the-spot evaluation for labor and material cost. 

CCC: Taillight Pocket Back Side Refinish – DEG Inquiry 31756 provides feedback regarding refinishing the back side of a taillight pocket. “Refinishing the back side of panel is not included.”

Back side refinishing of a taillight pocket may be necessary due to a repair or welding process.  End users will need to make an on-the-spot evaluation in these situations.

Audatex/Qapter: Information Tab – Solera Qapter users can click on the “!” on the upper far right side within Qapter application, which will display an overlay showing end users which parts have been selected & highlighted,  substrate material color coding and navigation controls features. 

Mitchell: Truck Cab Labor – DEG Inquiry 31671  provides Mitchell users feedback when Truck Cab labor is not available.  Scenarios without published labor times will require end users to perform an on-the-spot evaluation for the necessary labor.

“Comprehensive Labor Time”

While completeness is strived for in each guide, there will be instances, however, in which a labor time has not been established for an operation at the time of publication. If an item requires replacement and can be replaced as an individual item but shows no time, a time should be agreed upon among all parties and recorded on the damage report. It also should not be inferred that a component with no established Mitchell labor time has been included in another component’s replacement allowance.”

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