DEG Estimating Tips

Mitchell: Transferring Fender Mounting Bracket – Recent DEG inquiry 36465 provides response from Mitchell regarding transferring fender mounting brackets

“Please see Labor General Information: Additions to Labor Times.

Transfer Time: For welded, riveted or bonded brackets, braces or reinforcements from old part to new part.

Suggest user estimate on-site time needed for repairs.”

CCC: Pre-Build/Mock Up Not Included – Recent DEG Inquiry 36519 provides feedback from MOTOR regarding updates to Motor GTE Estimate Work Time Premise in Fall 2024. 

“Prebuild/mockup of multiple/adjacent panels to verify the dimensional accuracy of adjoining parts is not included.”

Mitchell: Underside Bed Refinish NOT INCLUDED – When “Refinish Complete Bed Assy” is being performed, additional labor to refinish “Bed Components Underside Complete, Box Complete” is NOT INCLUDED. The labor note states, “Not Included in Refinish Bed Complete”.

If clear coat labor is necessary, an additional 20 percent for clear coat can be applied to the underside when selected. 

Materials are NEVER included in refinish labor times.

Qapter (Audatex): “What’s New in Estimating” Updates – Qapter users can identify monthly updates to the Audatex/Qapter estimating database by selecting the “What’s New” tab in the top menu bar. A pop-up window will display both training and vehicle updates available within the Audatex/Qapter estimating system.

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