Employee Voluntary Benefits – Colonial Life

A Partner to Help You Prepare For the Unexpected

It’s more important than ever to prepare for the unexpected. We’re steadfast in our commitment to providing financial protection and personalized benefits counseling to your employees – wherever they are.

What does this mean for AASP-MN Members?

AASP-MN members receive dedicated representation from Deb and Tracy who can help transform your benefit package with competitive rates, value added services at no cost and complimentary Section 125 Flex Plan documents and legal document preparation service for all of your employees.

For many employers, benefits seem out of reach until they hear about voluntary benefits that include the following plans:

  Dental and Vision
  Cancer and Critical Illness
  Medical Bridge

There is no impact to your budget, and most benefits can be payroll deducted on a pre-tax basis, making them even more cost effective. They are available to groups with three or more employees, with no minimum participation requirements.

Protect Employees’ Dental Health – New Dental Enhancements Available

Life is full of unexpected smiles, and good oral health helps maintain them. Adding Colonial Life dental coverage is a simple way to help employees pay for dental care and enhance your employee benefits package at no additional cost.


  No minimums required – if one person wants dental, we can write the policy.
  ROLLOVER benefit – A portion of an insured’s unused benefit rolls over to the next year when preventive care and threshold conditions are met.
  100 percent coverage for preventive care.
  Coverage of up to 80 percent for basic services and up to 50 percent for major services.
  No waiting periods for preventive and basic services.
  Takeover option – gives insureds credit for waiting periods under previous coverage including individual or spouse coverage.
  Insureds can keep their dental coverage if they change jobs or retire with NO COBRA.
  Rates are stable with no yearly renewal process and policies guaranteed renewable until age 75.
  117,000+ unique network providers.
  Vision Rider available.

Enrollment tailored to your needs

We’ll meet 1-to-1 with employees, in person, by phone and virtually. We’re using technology to make enrollment simpler, while continuing to offer the compassion and expertise that allows your employees to make informed decisions about the coverage best suited to their needs.

Dedicated Support

Please contact Deb or Tracy to learn more about how we can help you during these challenging times and create peace of mind with your employees.  We can support you anywhere in the state of Minnesota.

For more information, contact Tracy Bailey at (612) 801-0193 or tracy.bailey@coloniallifesales.com or Deb Ferraro at (612) 600-4135 or deb.ferraro@coloniallifesales.com.

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