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The Out of Body Experiences podcast is co-hosted by Thomas Greco, President of Greco Publishing, Eddie Day, owner of Collision Restoration and Alicia Figurelli, Vice President of Greco Publishing.

The Out of Body Experiences podcast will bring you an entertaining and informative look at the collision repair industry with entertaining being the key word. Our goal is to talk about the issues affecting collision repairers but in a less than traditional way. We want you to learn a little bit and laugh a lot. So hopefully we will bring a smile to your face and maybe improve your bottom line at the same time too.

Out Of Body Experiences – Episode 1

In the first episode of the Out of Body Experiences podcast, we humorously discuss popular topics in the collision repair industry. There is no shortage of entertainment and expertise as Tom, Eddie and Alicia tackle stories about artificial intelligence that can calculate 12 estimates in six seconds, to self-driving cars, the effects of technology on the collision repair industry and much more.

July 25th, 2017|
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